DM for Hire: Fantasy Roleplaying Adventures on Demand

Dungeons & Dragons without the need for preparation or know-how. You provide the players, I provide the rest.

Host your own out-of-the box Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying adventure for you and your friends, for birthdays or other celebrations, or as a fun and unique corporate team-building activity.

Everything needed to play is provided, from character sheets, dice, miniatures and, of course, the Game Master. No experience with Dungeons & Dragons is required – you’ll learn by playing.

$120 +HST

  • 4-hour session
  • 6 players, max
  • Serving York Region

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Serving York Region, Ontario (Canada)

Standalone Adventures

Attendees play a 4-hour standalone role-playing adventure. A standalone aventure is one in which the adventure commences and concludes in that single session. It does not continue from a previous adventure nor does it lead to a subsequent one. You earn your victory (or defeat) in that single session!

Age Appropriateness

Players should be capable of sitting still and paying attention for 4 hours, listening quietly while others are speaking, and expressing themselves clearly. Parents of young players should be aware that the role-playing adventures are similar in tone and content to the Lord of the Rings movies, including imagined scenes of fantasy violence and descriptions of frightening creatures.

Newbies Welcome!

New players require no knowledge of how to play Dungeons & Dragons. You’ll learn the best way: by playing.

Joe, your Game Master

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer with a lifelong passion for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games. I’ve been designing and running D&D adventures since 2015 for long-term campaigns and a monthly tabletop roleplaying games meetup. When I’m not working in my home studio, I’m running homebrew D&D campaigns, practicing martial arts, biking, hiking or venturing solo into Algonquin Park’s backcountry to occasionally get away from it all.