28mm 2D Role-playing Game Miniatures

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These rugged warriors make up the second in a series of class-based sets from Gaming Geek. Each figure portrays just one of the many variations of the fantasy role-playing “barbarian” class, from the classic Conan style hero to the wild elf warrior. Use them to represent barbarian player characters or to stand in for the barbaric adversaries your players may face.

Die-cut and double-sided with original front and back artwork, these 28mm fantasy cardstock gaming miniatures are an inexpensive and easy-to-assemble alternative to metal or plastic minis for your RPG campaigns or tabletop wargames. Just slot them into the bases provided and you’re ready to play.

This set includes:

A duel-wielding female wild elf forest barbarian
A male Norse/Viking style marauder with war axe and shield
A tough but beautiful Amazon with longbow and shortsword
A classic Conan-inspired male half-orc barbarian with maul
A tribalistic male human plains warrior with spear
A robust and curvy female half-orc barbarian with battleaxe


6 round BLACK stands

Figure artwork (c) 2015 Joe Nittoly

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