Vampire: The Requiem


Storytelling System Roleplaying Game set in the World of Darkness

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Vampires: blood-drinking creatures of the night. Horrors born of darkness, whose sole purpose in life – unlife, actually – is to slake their unholy thirst on the blood of the living. Without doubt, vampires are monsters. Monsters, though, need not always be unthinking, unfeeling terrors empty of remorse, or even compassion or other human traits. Indeed, vampires can exceed their deathless curse, themselves becoming antiheroes or even heroes.

Then again, some vampires truly remain monsters.

This is the purpose of Vampire: The Requiem. It is a Modern Gothic Storytelling game, a roleplaying game that allows you to build chronicles that explore morality through the metaphor of vampirism. In Vampire, you “play the monster,” and what you do as that monster both makes for an interesting story and might even teach you a little about your own values and those of your fellows.

What is a roleplaying game you may ask? A roleplaying game is a group oriented activity (usually 4-6 people) wherein players assume the roles of characters and act out those parts during stories presented to them by a “Storyteller”. The Storyteller will make up fictional events and players react to those events while sitting around a table. In the case of Vampire: The Requiem you play supernatural creatures of the night with dark powers, an elaborate hidden social/political structure and an unquenchable thirst for blood.

The World of Darkness rulebook is required to play Vampire: The Requiem

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