Fantasy RPG T-Shirts

Show off your gaming geekery with these original Fantasy RPG T-Shirts. Choose from 12 fantasy RPG class symbols in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Downloadable Hex Battle Maps

A new addition to Gaming Geek Shop – digital download 1-inch scale hex-based battle maps for tabletop RPGs. Download them, print them out and assemble them yourself in a few simple steps.

Northlandic Humans

Inspired by Scandinavian myth and history, these rugged adventurers – the latest in the Sword, Stealth & Spellfire series – are ready to lay seige to your tabletop.

Cyberpunk-Fantasy Minis

The dystopian future is rife with menaces both cybernetic and mystical. These cyberpunk-fantasy heroes and villains are more than ready to face down those threats or exploit them for personal gain.

NearFuture Gaming Minis

This series represents a near-future version of classic medieval fantasy classes, from the Soldier to the Technologist, for use in your modern/sci-fi adventures.

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Home of Gaming Geek Minis

A Gaming Geek Shop exclusive, Gaming Geek Minis are original design 2D 28-30mm tabletop RPG miniatures. With many sets to choose from, they’re an inexpensive alternative to die-cast minis, easy to store, and already “painted.”

Original Design Accessories

Flaunt your gaming geekdom with original design accessories, such as these class symbol dice bags. Twelve classic fantasy RPG classes are available, from Bard to Wizard.