Downloadable Hex Battle Maps

A new addition to Gaming Geek Shop – digital download 1-inch scale hex-based battle maps for tabletop RPGs. Download them, print them out and assemble them yourself in a few simple steps.

Modern/Near-Future Minis

Go in guns blazing, dazzle with technology, or talk your way past trouble with these modern/near-future gaming miniatures.

Modern/Near-Future Minis

Kick in the door with a flashbang, drop quietly through the skylight, and hack into security systems with these modern/near-future player character miniatures.

Fantasy RPG T-Shirts

Show off your gaming geekery with these original Fantasy RPG T-Shirts. Choose from 12 fantasy RPG class symbols in Men’s and Women’s sizes.


These stealthy personas represent some of the many facets of the fantasy role-playing “rogue” class, from the dexterous thief to the deadly assassin.

Forest Elves

These Forest Elves gender-variant player-characer minis can stand in for mystical elvish or fae-like beings on the tabletop.

Infernal Humanoids

These Infernal Humanoids gender-variant player-characer minis are ready to weave devilish mayhem on your gaming tabletop.

The Gaming Geek Shop offers original design and brand name tabletop role-playing game (RPG) items and more.

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Home of Gaming Geek Minis

A Gaming Geek Shop exclusive, Gaming Geek Minis are original design 2D 28-30mm tabletop RPG miniatures. With many sets to choose from, they’re an inexpensive alternative to die-cast minis, easy to store, and already “painted.”

Original Design Accessories

Flaunt your gaming geekdom with original design accessories, such as these class symbol dice bags. Twelve classic fantasy RPG classes are available, from Bard to Wizard.