A fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of epic-sized adventures for faery-sized heroes.

LoreFolke is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) in which players take the roles of faery-sized heroes in an oversized forest realm.


  • 6 playable races;
  • challenging adversaries (including mundane creatures made monstrously huge from your heroes’ persepctive);
  • unique weapons, armour and magic items;
  • special rules for moving, jumping and falling as tiny adventurers;
  • an easy-to-learn d20-based system;
  • a lore rich world to explore;
  • and lots more!
LoreFolke Design & Production Timeline: Jan 2023: Design Begins; June 2023: Play-testing Begins; Jan 2025: Rules Finalized; Feb 2025: Crowdfunding; Mar 2025 Setting Finalized; Apr 2025: Editing Complete; Sep 2025: Illustrations Complete; Oct 2025: Book Layout Complete; Nov 2025: Book Printing; Dec 2025: Fullfillment & Distribution

Playable Races

height comparison of six fantasy characters


Akitsu bear the closest resemblance to the winged faeries described in the folktales of the “giants” living beyond Faya’s borders.

They have large insectile eyes and antennae like a moth’s, two pairs of wings – not dissimilar to a dragonfly’s – sprouting from between their shoulder blades; and a touch of magic coursing through their souls.

Inherent Bonus: A spark of magic animates Akitsu spirits, granting them a +1 bonus to Soulforce.

Fantasy illustration of a winged faery casting a spell.


Elves have pointed ears, angular facial features; skin of green, turquoise or blue hues; and hair ranging from silvery white to the colour of moss.

These elfin beings are known for their artistry, lore-keeping and regal traditions. They view their civilization as an ideal to which all beings should aspire – an attitude that occasionally comes off as prideful.

Inherent Bonus: As especially clever and inquisitive beings, Elves have a +1 bonus to Intellect.

Fantasy illustration of an elfin female with bow and arrows


Embers are otherworldly beings brought into existence by an ancient entity in times of great need, to help correct a dire imbalance in the world.

Like a mote of fire birthed from flame, Embers exist only briefly, by cosmic standards — just long enough to fulfil their purpose.

Download a preview of the Ember

Inherent Bonus: The enigmatic essence of their otherworldly origins grants Embers a +1 bonus to Presence.

Fantasy illustration of a magical knight with gem sword.


Among the largest and heftiest of Faya’s intelligent beings are the Jin. These robust wanderers stand two heads taller than most others, with the strength and fortitude to match.

Jin are patient and affable, with a love of revelry and storytelling. If you prove yourself a friend to these gentle giants, you are a friend for life. To their enemies, on the other hand, Jin are fearsome indeed.

Inherent Bonus: Their large size, in addition to their strength and toughness, grant Jin a +1 bonus to Physique

Fantasy illustration of a robust female warrior with giant axe.


Mysk are daring, agile elfinoid rodents with an insatiable lust for exotic treasure and forgotten lore. The more dangerous the locale, the more likely these fur-covered pilferers are to venture into it in search of rare finds.

Besides their love of forbidden treasure, Mysk crave the fame earned by their derring-do.

Inherent Bonus: Mysk are naturally agile, endowing them with a +1 bonus to Agility.

Fantasy illustration of a mouse-like humanoid with sword and sack of treasure.


Neptin are amphibious, newt-like elfinoid beings residing next to the rivers and creeks of Faya. They are characterized by thin frames; skin of vibrant green, red or orange; and webbed fingers and toes.

Neptin are known to be patient and contemplative, with a deep reverence for the forest realm of Faya and the ancient entity who created it.

Inherent Bonus: Neptin are in tune with their surroundings, granting them a +1 bonus to Intuition.

Fantasy illustration of a winged faery casting a spell.
fantasy map

Greenhaven is the heartland of Faya, and home to the Elves, who craft their elaborate dwellings and halls in the branches of the greatwood trees, interconnected by terraces.

Thüm is the ancestral homeland of the Jin, where the forest gives way to dry rocky scrub land and more than a few precious stone deposits. Six Jin tribes reside there.

Nyssa is primarily dark cedar and evergreen forest. The Mysk make their homes here in elaborate burrows and tunnels lavishly decorated with their treasures.

Shadowvale is home to giant humanoid plant beings called the Laikindi, whose self-appointed role is to guard the breach in the veil between Faya and the outside world.

The Emerald Reach is a broad leaf forest bathed in the mystical light of the sun shining through the emerald coloured canopy, and from whence the winged Akitsu hail.

Illyum is a sombre tract of marshy lowlands crisscrossed by rivers and creeks. It is home to the amphibous Neptin people, who revere Faya’s ancient and mysterious creator.

The Freewild is a sprawling wilderness unclaimed by any enclave where mystery, treasure and untold hazards await those brave or foolish enough to venture into it.

The Everrot Boglands is a stagnant tract of swamps and rotting wood where few things of natural origin grow. It is inhabited by malevolent Fiends of the Nether Realm.

The Nether Veil is the barrier between Faya and the Nether Realm surrrounding it, a shadowy mirror world where chaos demons reign and no mortal mind can survive for long.

Alpha Preview: The Ember

Check out this work-in-progress preview of the Ember, one of the six playable races of LoreFolke, which is made available to give you a small taste of the evolving tone, art direction and mechanics of the final game.

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