Creating your own D&D 5e Character for Online Adventure Sessions

If you are an experienced D&D player, you are welcome to create your own character for the online D&D one-shot adventure sessions if you wish to. Please adhere to the following criteria when doing so:

Official Publications Only

Create your character according to official Wizards of the Coast publications only, please. Don’t use home brew material.

Character Level

Make a character of a level for the adventure session you signed up for.

Standard Array Ability Scores

Use the standard array – 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8 – for your ability scores, assigning each value to whichever ability score you wish and modifying them where the official character creation rules allow.

Hit Points

Choose the average hit point values instead of rolling. For example, if you are creating a 3rd-level Fighter with a +2 Con modifier, your hit points would be 28 (12 for 1st level + 8 for 2nd level + 8 for 3rd level).

Variant Human Traits (Optional)

You are welcome to use the Variant Human Traits rules found on page 31 of the Player’s Handbook. In short, increase just two ability scores by 1; give yourself an additional skill proficiency; and select a Feat from the Player’s Handbook (p.165-170) or another of the official Wizards of the Coast rule books.

Starting Equipment & Background

Choose your equipment as per the Equipment rules for your class and choose a Background, which also determines your starting gold.