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Production of the Catfolk was funded via Kickstarter. Backers of Sword, Stealth & Spellfire projects get exclusive access to alternate colour schemes, such as this “Otherworld variant.”

PPM1031B Catfolk Alternate Colour Scheme

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These mysterious and alien feline humanoids known as Catfolk (or "Tabaxi") are ready to represent your players or their adversaries on the tabletop.

These miniatures are 30mm scale.

Die-cut and double-sided with original front and back artwork, these 30mm card stock gaming miniatures are an inexpensive alternative to metal or plastic minis for your tabletop RPG adventures. They store easily, come already "painted," and require minimal assembly - just slot them into the stands provided and you're ready to play.

This set of six (6) figures includes:

  • a male Spellcaster with staff
  • a female Spellcaster with staff
  • a male Rogue with kukri dagger
  • a female Rogue with kukri dagger
  • a male Warrior with kopesh sword and shield
  • a female Warrior with kopesh and shield


  • 6 round stands

Figure artwork (c) 2022 Joe Nittoly

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Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 10 × 0.5 cm

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