30mm 2D Role-playing Game Miniatures

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The first in a new series of class-based player character miniatures, each of these six stealthy and cunning personas represent some of the many facets of the fantasy role-playing “rogue” class, from the dexterous thief to the deadly assassin. They can represent rogue player characters or stand in for the roguish adversaries your players may face.

Die-cut and double-sided with original front and back artwork, these 30mm fantasy cardstock gaming miniatures are an inexpensive and easy-to-assemble alternative to metal or plastic minis for your RPG campaigns or tabletop wargames.

This set includes:

  • A female dungeon delver equipped with climbing harness, grappling hook and short sword
  • A male halfling thief holding lockpicks and a compromised padlock, armed with a dagger
  • A female swashbuckler in leather armour, armed with saber
  • A male assassin in hood and cowl, brandishing twin daggers
  • A female acrobat/tumbler in alluring garb with bracers and dagger
  • A male diplomat/spy garbed in noble finery with a dagger


  • 6 round stands

Figure artwork (c) 2014 Joe Nittoly

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